We would like to pay tribute to the following for their help:

  • Mike Willoughby: Mike was the first to identify those whose names appear on the war memorial, that is those who died. This is by no means an easy task since all we have to go on are the surname and initial. He is a great source of knowledge of methodology. He has also kindly allowed us to use his panoramic photograph of the village as the masthead for the blog.
  • Kevin Holdway, whose website St Mary Bourne Revisited, is a mine of useful information from a variety of sources, as well as some excellent photographs. We have overlapping trees on and he is perhaps the authority on the Holdway family.
  • The volunteers on the Find A Grave website, in particular Charlie (#47128769) and Buttershap (#46840435), who have wonderfully recorded 462 graves to date in the churchyard of St Mary Bourne. This has not only helped us identify many, but also given us the comfort of knowing of several who, despite having endured much in battle, lived several more years to be buried in the place where they were born. We have started a project to continue their work, photographing all the remaining graves and producing a plan showing where all the known graves are to be found. We also pay tribute to the work of Peter St Quentin and Bill Coventry in maintaining the large churchyard as a place of green beauty.
  • Members of the British Legion in St Mary Bourne, who have supported us in our work and always been ready to help.
  • The staff of the Hampshire Record Office, not only for their help in enabling us to access the treasure trove of records in Winchester but also for their workshop devoted to the creative use of World War One documents, attended by three of us, which acted as the spark for much of our work on World War One.
  • And last, but certainly not least, the staff of the Imperial War Museum and our fellow partners in the Centenary Partnership Programme.

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