Roll of Honour

 ‘The Men of St Mary Bourne’ who were commemorated at the Remembrance Service in 19181918 Memorial service for SMB men who died in the war

Additional names on the War Memorial who lost their lives

– H Baker, W J Barnes, H Goodyear, B G King, W Kneller, C. VollardSMB Roll of Honour

School Roll of Honour

– C Beckingham, A Bell, C Goodyear, A Lawrence, W Lawrence, and T Wells do not appear on either of the other lists.
School roll of honour 001

Prayer Board erected in field at site of present cenotaph

WW 1 Serving in H M Forces

Prayer Board for Those Serving in HM Forces

Although this is a blog about World War One, it seems appropriate to append the names of those who lost their lives in World War Two, said by some to have been the continuation of the conflict begun in World War One:

J. Barton
N. P. Broad
W. Cook
F. L. Cox
C. R. C. De Morgan
N. C. J. Hurst
M. J. Miley
O. H. Owens
M. J. Pugh
N. A. Shipton

These names are gradually being added to the St Mary Bourne page on Lives of the First World War, the initiative by the Imperial War Museum.




2 thoughts on “Roll of Honour

  1. I have James Pike’s bible which is dated 1899′ I guess it was with him all the way through his conquests

  2. Thank-you for this Mark. I find that a very evocative link with both James Pike and all that he must have gone through.
    I take it you are related to him? I wonder if you might write something for us about what you know (or have heard, more probably) of him? We would be so grateful :>)

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