Service Units


Army Service Corps

  • Albert Henry Victor Bendle (T4/21053)
  • Alfred Lloyd Bevis (Driver)
  • Pte Walter Biggs (T1/2804)
  • Charles William Brighty (T4/210539)
  • Thomas William John Broad (T4/153056)
  • Sgt Charles Choules (301 Coy) (T529)
  • Lt Col Henry Longfellow Cooper (of Wakeswood) (29 Div Training)
  • Corporal Percy Thomas Cooper
  • Sgt Thomas Cooper (T1/SR/777)
  • Sgt Albert Creighton (280 HT Coy)(?T/23391)
  • (Revd) Ewart Culley(T4/056532)
  • Frank Cummins (1330)
  • Charles George Davis (T4/212417)
  • Sgt William Frederick Dawes (035677)
  • Walter Gibbons Jr (Driver T436)
  • Pte William James Golding (R/257666)
  • Alfred Charles Goodyear (T4/071627)
  • Charles George Harding (T/220418)
  • Alfred George Heard (Herde) M1/8060 or M1/08060
  • Albert Holloway (M1/5884)
  • Pte William Cyril Hurst (47th Motor Amb. Convoy) (401567)
  • Walter James Moorse (T4/071645)
  • William John Moorse (T4/056567)
  • Lawrence King Neale (M/284589)
  • William Henry Poynter  (?M/31736)
  • Albert Edward Randall (T680)
  • William Sandall (T4/210623)
  • Ernest Sellwood (T4/262214)
  • Stanley Herbert Sellwood (T4/185629)
  • Pte Frederick William Wedge (S1016)

Bedfordshire Regiment

Berkshire Regiment

Canadian Army

Dragoon Guards

East Surrey Regiment

Engineers, Waterways and Docks

Hampshire Regiment

-Pte Robert Hay Warnford Moses (16156)
-Pte James Pike (7390)
-Pte Walter Sims (5718)

-Pte Herbert Charles Bevis(44635)
-Pte Hubert Samuel Cox (7994)
-Pte Frederick George Day (7422) ‘B’ Coy
-Pte Henry James Goodyear (18816)
-Pte Wilfred Lawson Goodyear (17073)
-Pte Sidney Gunnell (7399) – or possibly 7389?
-Pte William Jacob Page (17916)
-Pte Edwin Pike (5876) ‘D’ Coy
-Pte Thomas (Tarrant) Wells (18049)

-G(?eorge) Baker (7635)
-Cpl Reginald Harry Cook (17446)
-A(?lbert) Lawrence (Drummer)

-Jesse Sellwood (13024)

Duke of Edinburgh’s Wiltshire Regiment – see Wiltshire Regiment

19th Hussars

Loyal North Lancashire Regiment

Machine Gun Corps

  • Pte Joseph Biggs (96227)
  • Pte Norman George Golding (133860)
  • Henry Hibberd (94661)
  • Jesse Sellwood (48432 or 48492)

Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire Light Infantry

Kings Royal Rifle Corps – see Rifle Corps

Royal Army Service Corps – see Army Service Corps

Royal Berkshire Regiment – see Berkshire Regiment

Royal Engineers Waterways and Docks – see Engineers Waterways and Docks

Royal Garrison artillery

Royal Fusilliers – see Fusilliers

Royal Marine Light Infantry

  • Arthur William Biggs (2281 Portsmouth) (ADM 159/207/2281)
  • William Frank Choules (2293 Plymouth) (ADM 159/179/2293)
  • Albert George Cooper (14243 Plymouth) (ADM 159/155/14243)
  • Frederick Vaukins (9627 Portsmouth) (ADM 159/16/9627)

Royal Sussex Regiment – see Sussex Regiment

Somerset Light Infantry

Sussex Regiment

Warwickshire Regiment

Wessex Royal field ARtillery – see 1st Wessex Artillery

1st Wessex Artillery

  • Charles Edward Wedge (2329)

Royal Air Force & Royal Flying Corps

  • Roland Percival Longman (RFC 7574)
  • Sqd Ldr Arnold John Miley (RAF)
  • Air Mechanic 1st Class William Edmund Smith (35071)
  • Air Mechanic 1st Class 51544 F(rank) Swatton (RAF)

Royal Navy

  • Stoker 1st Class William P(?ercival) Cox (2925210) (HMS Nelson)
  • A S  C(??larence Bert) Holdway (Z.P/1090)
  • Lt  Arnold John Miley
  • Jack Edward Nottage (RN 48380)
  • O S  Henry James Pritchard (HMS Defence) (kia 31/5/1916) (ADM 188/706/29741)
  • A S  George Turnell (206844) (Lost with HMS Lynx on 9 August 1915)

Royal Naval Air Service

  • Stanley Herbert Pyle (F45516) (ADM 188/637/45516)

Royal Naval Volunteer Reserve

  • A S   Edward Charles Luxton (R/4115)

This list is as complete, and as accurate, as we can make it at present. We hope to add to it as we go along, and gradually to fill in most of the remaining blanks, by one means or another. But it is not an exact science. To quote a minister for Defence in another war:

There are known knowns. These are things we know that we know. There are known unknowns. That is to say, there are things that we know we don’t know. But there are also unknown unknowns. There are things we don’t know we don’t know.

Donald Rumsfeld

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