Rumour Of Death Greatly Exaggerated!

Andover Advertiser 25th January 1918

A MISTAKE SOMEWHERE – There has been a mistake committed by someone in the army, but fortunately, although serious on the face of it, it turned out amusing. On January 11th  Private Richard Davis, of the Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers, son of Mrs M. Brown, Lower Rank came home on a 14 day furlough from France. Last Saturday while he was at home, his mother received an important letter from the Dublin Records Office, stating that her son, Private Richard Davis 42463, Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers, was posted as wounded and missing on 28th  November 1917. It is understood that about that time there was a very serious engagement in France, as a result of which some of the men of that battalion were thought to have been cut off, and no doubt the mistake had arisen through this. Had their son not been at home at the time that the letter was received, the mother would have had a most anxious time, but everybody had a good laugh at the mistake. In the earlier days of the war Private Davis belonged to the A.S.C, but was transferred with many others into infantrymen, and he has been in France for eighteen months. His chum was killed by his side on Christmas Day, but we are glad to know that although ill fate is trying to dog this young man’s footsteps, he has escaped injury so far, and we hope he will come through all right


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